What is La Lorita

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La Lorita is located on the Venezuelan road, 35 km from Santa Marta (National Airport) which is the oldest city in Colombia where Simon Bolivar (El Libertador) died.

10 minutes from Parque Tayrona, a huge ecological reserve by the sea, which is known worldwide (see website).

Close to the Guachaca village is at the foot of the Sierra Nevada still inhabited by indians Wiwas.

A few minutes by road to Encanto - you can travel by foot, car, bike or motorcycle taxi.

La Finca eco-tourism (La Lorita) combines comfort and traditional architecture of the country.

You will find peace, freedom, harmony with nature, andseasonal fruit all year round for your enjoyment.

We are 100m from the river, there is no pollution and swimming here is more than a pleasure.

The sea is 10 minutes away with a large beach and coconut trees (a real postcard).

We are French emigrants who arrived here over 20 years ago.

Our facilities include running water and electricity (but you can wash in the river also), television, and soon internet access.

This is about a rural house which usually hosts a mere dozen guests, who come from all over the world, to enjoy nature, freedom and excursions, which are always with our guide.

This place is about total well-being and wonderful exchanges.

There's no mobile phone coverage: in order to get coverage, you need to go down to the village, which is about 10 minutes away on foot.

You will also find a medical centre, which is open 24 hours a day; a pharmacy; shops and local indigenous crafts.

There's also a nightclub and bars with pool tables!

A little further away, there are the possibilities of a trip downstream in a canoe, massages and yoga as well as a surf centre.

The bedrooms have names like "La Luna de Miel” (The Honeymoon), “Arco Iris”(Rainbow), “Colmena” (The Hive), “Kiosko" (The kiosk).

On your bedroom table, you will find homegrown fruit and eggs from our chickens.

The meat, milk and cheese all come from the vicinity too.

Gerardo brings us his wholemeal bread and his vegetarian soya products.

THE NONI CURE: ‘Noni' is a powerful antioxidant and a miracle fruit for your health and eternal youth!

THE LOST CITY: The indigenous Wiwas will be your guides and offer a wonderful, unique experience in their excursion week, which will transform you.

You will be able to go with them to their village, close to La Lorita, which is called EL ENCANTO.

You can walk, use a motorbike or go on horseback and when you're there you will be able to bathe in their beautiful lake, with its crystal-clear water.

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Photos / Fotos : Laïla France & Loïc Alejandro

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